• Alcohol consumption and consumer enjoyment is dependent on all organoleptic senses
  • Understanding the sensory experiences of alcohol provides insight on how manufactures are able to dynamically alter their beverages from batch to batch, and from region to region
  • This could also provide some insight on how environmental factors could influence regional specialties and production trends, as well as consumer tastes
  • Current research suggests, that in the case of most traditional beers, the primary fermentation process is the main influence on the olfactory sensations of the final product
  • Furthermore, the presence of certain grains, plants, fruits, and other ingredients may introduce compounds known as phenolic compounds into the beverage, which further alter aroma, as well as color, taste, and mouthfeel.


The Sensory Experience of Beer: A Brief Analysis of the Science

Quentin Altemose – CEO/Founder
April 11, 2022

The intersection of chemistry and beer is a unique one, marrying the rigorous scientific processes and methods of laboratory analysis with the socio-cultural, economic, spiritual, communal, history, and cultural significance of beer. As the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world, researchers and brewers alike are continually analyzing beers of various styles and origins in order to better understand what makes it so appealing to humanity as a whole, and what specific factors entice customers to enjoy one style or brand over another, beyond the immediate economic and cultural factors. Here, we will highlight some findings from a review by Bruno Vieira Humia and associates in a publication put out in 2019 on the sensory molecules and experiences of beer. For a detailed analysis, please be sure to read the actual review, which is publicly accessible here.

To provide an extremely brief history of alcohol manufacturing: Consumption of alcohol dates back to prehistory. Ethanol (the primary active ingredient in alcoholic beverages and the only alcohol functional group that is consumable) has long been used in cultures the world over for a variety of functions, from social to spiritual. Ethyl-alcohol is produced from the fermentation of carbohydrates, primarily easily broken-down sugars, by various strains of yeast organisms, a type of fungi. It is important to note however that it is possible to ferment more complex carbohydrates such as starches, and occasionally bacterial organisms are also used in brewing operations as well, though frequently these will contribute more to sensory and flavor experiences rather than the pure production of ethanol. From a taste standpoint, the choice of ingredients will obviously play a substantial part in determining the final style, flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel of the beverage. The use of herbs, flowers, fruits, and grains may also be added to provide further complexity to the product, and often reflect the tastes and traditions of the regions in which they are produced.

Aromas, particularly in beer and wine, are attributed heavily to the presence of Ester groups, which are functional groups (that is, a group of chemical compounds with common end molecules) produced during the fermentation process. Within the intracellular space of yeast cells, enzyme-catalyzed metabolic reactions produce a wide assortment of volatile ester group compounds, all while alcohol is being synthesized. As a byproduct of metabolic reactions in the fermenting cells, the actual concentration of final esters is heavily influenced by the environment in which the cells reside, including factors such as temperature, acidity, nutrient abundance, etc.

What Is an Ester in Chemistry?

An example of an Ester compound with the characteristic –O– alkyl group

Other factors that are shown to influence beer aroma includes higher alcohols, the presence of carbonyl compounds, and sulfur-containing compounds, all of which are generally produced as a byproduct of the actual fermentation process, and is similarly influenced by the strains of yeast used in conjunction with the environment in which they reside.

Another important aspect of the alcohol sensory experience is the presence of phenolic compounds. These compounds are considered to be secondary metabolites (that is, low-molecular mass molecules) synthesized through shikimic acid and phenylpropanoid pathways and are generally found in most plant tissues, and many also function as antioxidants. The degree to which these compounds affect alcoholic beverages is dependent on the species of ingredients used, the boiling and wort-production process, and the addition of supplementary ingredients and additives. These molecules are often associated with a bitter flavor profile, and may also shift the color of the final product, providing a dynamic organoleptic experience. The most commonly reported compounds include flavonoids, phenolic acids, tannins, proanthocyanidins, and amino phenolic compounds.

Each of these compounds would merit an in-depth analysis in its own right, and is beyond the scope of this particular review. That being said however, each of these compounds has a unique influence on the final sensory experience of the product, and could dynamically influence the resulting flavor and enjoyment of the beverage.

Overall, this review concludes that the primary compounds influencing the sensory experience of beer are esters, particularly ethyl acetate, which is often the most prevalent in traditional beer samples. These compounds are primary produced during the fermentation process by yeast strains, implying that a significant component of the beverage sensory experience is developed during the primary fermentation process. Therefore, any method of influencing the production of esters in yeast cells, whether through genetic or environmental means, could dynamically affect the resulting beverage, and should be carefully monitored by brewers and alcohol manufactures. When acting in conjunction with the natural compounds found in plant material, it seems that there is substantially more to understanding the sensory experience of alcohol than previously believed, and truly can result in dynamic regional variations based on ingredient sourcing, yeast strains used, and of course, variations in recipes.





  • We are thrilled to announce that Komfruticha is now available in Gettysburg, PA
  • Be sure to check out Mason Dixon Distillery, at 331 E Water St, Gettysburg, PA 17325
  • Fresh cocktails, incredible spirits, and of course, Komfruitcha galore!


Komfruitcha Now Available at Mason Dixon Distillery in Gettysburg, PA

Quentin Altemose – CEO/Founder
March 30th 2022

We are thrilled to announce that we have a new restaurant partner! Mason Dixon Distillery, located at 331 E Water St, Gettysburg, PA 17325, is a brilliant establishment offering the Gettysburg area incredible food and spirit offerings. And now, we are excited to say, Komfruitcha will be joining the menu.

Whether you call Gettysburg home, or are stopping to enjoy the rich history and culture, we hope that you will pay Mason Dixon a visit to enjoy all of their incredible items, and of course, enjoy some fresh Komfruitcha for yourself! We are looking forward to continuing to expand our offerings further in the weeks to come, so stay tuned!




  • Spirochete is proud to offer shipping of our products within the state of PA
  • Local pickup is also available to anyone who wants to come visit us and save on shipping
  • Check out our online ordering page today!



Quentin Altemose – CEO/Founder
March 18th, 2022

It has been a long process, but Spirochete is thrilled to finally have our online ordering page ready to go! Check it out here! With the launch of this page, we are now able to offer our customers a convenient way to purchase their favorite Spirochete products from the comfort of their own home.

Local pickup is available for anyone who would like to come by and say hi (and save on shipping). Additionally, if you live a little farther away or prefer the convenience of delivery, we offer shipping!

This is yet another step in our expansion process, aimed at bringing Komfruitcha and its relatives to the masses! Be sure to stay tuned to our news pages and social medias such as facebook or instagram, to learn more about our products and where you can find them!





  • We are excited to announce our two latest concoctions: Komfruitcha Blueberry Boson and Black Hole Blackberry
  • These incredible new flavors offer our customers a completely new taste experience, while retaining the same great immunological and nutritional benefits that Komfruitcha is associated with
  • We now are serving in the Kiki Vodka and bottle bar in the Philadelphia Premium Outlets! Stop by for a single, and take a four-pack to go!


New Komfruitcha Flavors, and A New Location: Black Hole Blackberry and Blueberry Boson

Quentin Altemose – CEO/Founder
December 22, 2021

We are never done at Spirochete! We are always reading the latest peer-reviewed scientific data to ensure that we are producing the best possible products, both from a health/nutritional standpoint, and from a flavor experience standpoint. Now, just a few weeks after the launch of our Komfruitcha Atomic Apricot, we are thrilled to announce our two new flavors: Blueberry Boson and Black Hole Blackberry!

Komfruitcha: Blueberry Boson

Blueberry Boson is unique from our other offerings in that it is slightly dryer than the rest of our flavors to date. That being said, there is still an underlying sweetness that draws out the flavor from the real blueberries that are packed into each can. With a pleasant bubble, tinge of sour from our unique fermentation, and a rich flavor profile, Blueberry boson lives up to its moniker (that is, it has real blueberries and it has mass). On the can, we invite our customers to experience and learn about bosons, a classification of elementary particle which helps make up atoms. Blueberry boson is truly a unique experience, both in taste and in presentation, and surly will not want to be missed.

Komfruitcha: Black Hole Blackberry

In contrast, Black Hole Blackberry Komfruitcha offers a sweet and sour profile that is competently unique from anything else on the market. The natural acids derived from our secret fermentation process compliments the natural acids found in the real blackberries we put into every can to create a slightly sour taste. Then, we balance the naturally occurring fructose with other real, non-artificial sugars to create a perfectly balanced epicurean delight. Whether enjoyed around a fire, or in the middle of a hot summer day, you will find Black Hole Blackberry to be refreshing and enjoyable!

Get Your Komfruitcha Today at the Kiki Vodka Store

There are many reasons to enjoy Komfruitcha! And now you can enjoy Komfruitcha in even more locations! We are now officially selling individual cans as well as four-packs in the Philadelphia Premium Outlets at the Kiki Vodka and Bottle Store. We would like to thank Kiki for their support, as well as our amazing customers for theirs as well! We hope that everyone enjoys our products, and furthermore, we are looking forward to continuing our expansion so that everyone around the nation can enjoy Komfruitcha in their local stores and restaurants!




  • Komfruitcha continues to launch with rave reviews!
  • Stabilization procedures show success at room-temperature shelf stability


Komfruitcha: An Upcoming Revolution of Flavor and Nutrition

Quentin Altemose – CEO/Founder
November 12th, 2021

Spirochete Brewing launched with Komfruitcha as our flagship brand! While our intention always was and continues to be the creation of various product lines, it all began with the development of Komfruitcha. The first flavor, Atomic Apricot, took nearly a year and a half of continuous testing before it was ready for the public. We were confident that people would like it, but the feedback we have received as dramatically exceeded our wildest expectations!

From our soft-launch at Imprint Beer Co. in Hatfield PA, to recent pop-up style tasting sessions around the Collegeville area, we have received extremely positive feedback from a wide assortment of people across a broad demographic. From older, experienced beer drinkers, to younger college-age students who are trying new things to find their flavor, Komfruitcha seems to offer something for everybody. And we could not be happier to provide that product!

And continuing  the onslaught of good news, our unique process of achieving shelf-stability has been incredibly successful thus far. Whether stored at room temperature, or refrigerated, Komfruitcha has been shown to be stable for months on end. So with that knowledge, we are excited to be able to launch more aggressively in the near future. Now that we can confirm longer-term stability of our amazing flavors, we can continue our mission to provide new and exciting products to all corners of the globe (and to a store near you!)!

As always, we would like to thank our patrons for their continued love and support, and we hope that you will continue this journey with us as we continue to expand, and develop the future of food!





  • Spirochete Brewing’s Komfruitcha Launch Occurs at Imprint Brewing Co in Hatfield PA
  • All Komfruitcha Sold-out Within the First 24 Hours
  • Thank You to Everyone Who Supported Our Launch
  • We Look Forward to Getting More Komfruitcha to Our Customers As Soon As Possible!



Spirochete’s First Sales

Quentin Altemose – CEO/Founder
August 30th, 2021

Product launches are simultaneously some of the most exciting and terrifying  experiences for any business. They represent the true potential of a product, as customers are able to vet and critique a new product, determining if it is worth their time and, more importantly, their hard earned money. With that being said, Spirochete partnered with Imprint Beer Co. in Hatfield PA to launch our Komfruitcha: Atomic Apricot alcoholic product. Not only were we able to sell our products, but we completely sold out within the first 24 hours!!

I want to take a moment to pay reverence to the kind people at Imprint Beer for giving our new product a chance. Additionally, I would like to thank each and every person who came out to try our Komfruitcha, and for supporting our launch! We hope that you enjoyed it, and are looking forward to our next restock!

With this great success, we are already working on our next batch of Komfruitcha, and are seeking additional retail partners to make sure a wider audience has access to the future of food! Please be sure to keep up to date with our social medias and our website so that you know when we come to a store near you!

Thank you again to everyone, and we look forward to many sales to come!



  • We are officially certified to manufacture both our alcoholic and non-alcoholic products!!


Officially Certified, Market Here We Come

Quentin Altemose – CEO/Founder
June 30th, 2021

It is with great pleasure that I announce the official opening of Spirochete Brewing, as both a manufacture of alcoholic and non-alcoholic products! After a long process, we have officially received our certifications from the State of Pennsylvania to operate as a brewery, and as a registered food processing facility for non-alcoholic products. Furthermore, we have received certification from our local township for compliance with improved environmental standards, and safe working conditions! Plus, we got a fancy new sign for our facility!

With these certifications, we are officially able to launch our brands, and put them out into the public for their enjoyment! From grocery stores to restaurants, we are aiming to be right next to you, no matter where you find yourself! We cannot wait to meet you, and to have you taste the future of food!

Additionally, if you are interested in obtaining some our of brands for your establishment, please feel free to reach out anytime!




  • The gut microbiome has extensive, reaching health implications on us
  • Recent research suggests that stimulating the gut microbiome could be responsible for promoting immunological responses
  • Additional studies suggest that cancer may be prevented or limited through ensuring a healthy gut microbiome
  • Continued research is necessary, but initial tests allow researchers to be optimistic


The Gut Microbiome – Promoting Health From the Inside

Quentin Altemose – CEO/Founder
June 7th, 2021

Often overlooked but increasingly being recognized as a pivotal component of human health, the gastrointestinal tract, and the species of organisms that inhabit it, are responsible for aiding digestion, extracting essential nutrients from food and beverages, and seemingly keeping you cancer and disease free!

A fascinating news report published by Nature, a premier scientific journal praised for its rigor and impact on global scientific knowledge, summarized some interesting studies on the impact of microorganisms on health in experimental lab mice. When inoculated with a series of bacterial organisms, studies showed mice had significantly greater quantity of CD8 cytotoxic T-cells (more commonly known as killer-T cells, which are responsible for destroying infectious organisms and disease causing cells). This indicates that the presence of these bacteria were able to affectively stimulate the body’s immune responses, assisting in the prevention of infection.

Maintaining a healthy immune system is what allows us to live our daily lives without constantly subsuming to illness. Our immune systems keep us alive and running, even in the presence of disease-causing microorganisms. But much like any machine, regular upkeep is required to keep it functioning properly. Replenishing essential nutrients and bacterial strains has been shown to promote gut-microorganism health and further stimulate immunological responses.

Additionally, and perhaps even more exciting, is the suggested impact the gut-microbiome has on carcinogenic compound processing and oncogenesis (cancer formation). Nature reports that mice that have been treated with bacterial strains to promote gut health showed reduction in tumor formation and cancer incidence. What is interesting is that this could be due to the stimulation of immunological responses. Similar to the increasingly popular cancer therapy technique known as immunotherapy, it may be possible that the previously mentioned increase CD8 cell production could reduce tumor and cancer cell incidence, and may prevent the formation of cancer!

It is important to note that much of this research is still ongoing, and new information is coming out frequently. Researchers (myself included) however are optimistic about these findings, and are curious to see how continued innovations into the impact and importance of the gut microbiome could impact medicine and healthcare in the near future.

On a more personal note, we at Spirochete Brewing are thrilled to be a part of this exciting global research effort. Through studying microorganisms and their impacts on human health, as well as their by-products, we can better understand how to promote health from within the patient. And furthermore, how we can better craft products to be more biologically active in promoting the health of our consumers.





  • Food is arguably the second most important resource after water
  • Food abundance and scarcity shape the world
  • Eating is culturally critical
  • Continued efforts are necessary to ensure health and well-being


The Importance of Food Science on Food Abundance: A Brief Statement

Quentin Altemose – CEO/Founder
April 13th, 2021

Food is one of the most important aspects of life. After water, food is likely the most important resource for humans and animals alike across the world. And similar to beverages, shelters, and protective garments, food has a deeply integrated and significant cultural relevance to all groups of people. From simple dishes such as steamed vegetables to the cutting edge scientific innovations in biomedical sciences, food represents a gathering of individuals to discuss events, share stories and life experiences, and enjoy each others company. Furthermore, food provides nourishment and essential vitamins and minerals needed for proper metabolic function. Without a healthy diet, we cannot properly grow and thrive.

Food presents unique dilemmas for global health and prosperity that other industries frequently do not need to consider. Despite the technological marvels of our modern age, food scarcity remains problematic throughout the world. This may manifest itself as poor food distribution and accessibility, or could simply be a lack of growing capacity in a given region. Can a certain crop grow in a region? Does a community have the resources to properly and safely prepare certain foods? Is there a reliable standard to health assurance? Just like a pharmaceutical or biomedical device  company, food must pass a series of stringent health tests to make sure the end consumers are safe. Without these controls, communities can suffer from increased toxicity from contaminated foods. And similarly, limited crop growth due to poor farming practices or a lack of nutrient-rich soil can prevent the consumption of a diverse and nutrient rich diet, again leading to deficiencies and potential health conditions.

The lack of food (or access to food) leads to malnutrition, often resulting in the development of a variety of health conditions, and decreases the quality of life for the individuals suffering from food scarcity. Emaciation, developmental disorders, growth deficiencies, immunological deficiencies, and general wasting are all examples of potential (and preventable) problems that arise from a lack of access to food.

As such, it is imperative that we continue to strive to develop the food industry as well as the agricultural industry. Food provides us with the essential nutrients we need to grow and thrive, and is culturally significant to nearly all ethnic groups of people across the world. While food is considered to be of significant importance, food scarcity and the production of poor-nutrition foods continues to be problematic today. Through continued scientific innovation, we can create new growth conditions that allow for more diverse crops to be grown in nutrient-poor soil, or we can create better manufacturing techniques that are safer and easier to perform with limited resources. Finally, with continued innovation and effort, we can craft more nutrient-concious products that are tailored for consumers, to ensure they are receiving the healthiest options available to them. And, ideally, products that taste great as well!

Food science and innovation are critical to global health and prosperity and it really deserves a much deeper analysis then the brief discussion presented here. That said however, it is important to recall the importance of food, and the application of science to food. It is such an integrated aspect of our lives that we often do not think about what we are eating, how it was made, and where it comes from. Understanding these things however, and keeping the conversation and innovation going is what will allow us to ensure that no-one is without this basic human necessity. 


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  • Spirochete Brewing Officially Opens
  • Launching with Two Beverage Lines
  • Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic
  • Experimental Products in the Works



Spirochete Grand Opening

Quentin Altemose – CEO/Founder
April 3rd, 2021

We are excited to announce the grand opening of Spirochete Brewing Inc. Though formally incorporated in 2020, regulation, product refinement, and COVID limitations have pushed the launch date of our products back into 2021. After months of work, we are thrilled to announce that we are officially open for business in our Hatfield facility.

While we have been working on dozens of products and concepts, we are initially launching with our Komfruitcha Brand as well as our Futuri and our “currently unnamed but super amazing secret tea project” brands. And within these brands, we will have several flavor options so that all our customers can find something they enjoy.

Our Futuri and Komfruitcha brands are all made using a proprietary blend of microorganisms that we put together ourselves. We cannot take all the credit for these great products, since the yeasts and bacteria are the ones actually doing the work, but we like to think since we are the ones that introduced the yeasts and bacteria, we had something to do with it!

Perhaps more exciting than the microorganisms however is the increasing list of benefits that come with our brands. First, these products represent one of our company’s proudest achievements: The development of “Post-Biotic” beverages. What is a postbiotic however? You can read more about them in our other post, as well as our benefits page. You can also find the scientific articles to support our work in the science section of our website. In summary however, postbiotics represent inactivated biological components such as bacteria subsections that are shown to stimulate the body’s immune systems (T-cell production for example). Additionally, postbiotics are shelf-stable and are safe for individuals with compromised immune systems to consume. They also have been shown in some cases to be more effective than traditional probiotics.

As if that was not enough, these brands are completely shelf-stable at room temperature, and use the freshest and most natural ingredients that we could find from around the world. Included with these brands are millions of bio-active enzymes to support digestive health, antioxidants to assist the body in breaking down reactive oxygen species (ROS) that can cause various issues within the body, and feature natural acidity that has been shown to promote general bodily health and improve cardiovascular functionality and digestive health.

But what are these products? They are actually completely new, made from techniques that we invented ourselves, as well as techniques and methods obtained from traditional kombucha and beer making techniques. In a way, it is a unique merger of old-world techniques and knowledge with cutting edge scientific innovation! Because of this, we are able to retain the benefits from traditional manufacturing techniques, and we can add new benefits. For example, our Komfruitcha brand is able to give all the benefits described above, and retain a natural sweet flavor that, in both our opinion and the opinions of our customers, produce a more refreshing and easy to drink product compared to traditional kombucha. 

With all this, it is hard to believe why you would ever want any other beverage product! We are continuing to innovate and create new products and flavors, so that we can help you regardless of the mood you are in. If you are interested in trying out products or learning more, please reach out to us, or visit your local stores that carry our products. And be on the lookout, because we are adding more partners and distributors so that we can get our products right to your home!

Thank you for joining us on our quest to change the world (and potentially conquer it, let’s see how it goes). We are looking forward to serving you well!


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