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Create the Future of Food.

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Industry Leaders

We are not content with simply being the best. We want to change the world. Food should be crafted for perfection, and we work to make that happen!

Dedicated to Quality

We only use the finest ingredients, with health benefits backed by real science and medicine. Science is not easy, but we like it that way!

Join our Quest

We are working to change the world, and we want you to be a part of it with us! Whether you enjoy our products, or support research, you are making a difference to change the world with us!

Founded By Scientists

Spirochete was born from scientific innovation. While working on creating media to better culture cells, our founder Quentin Altemose discovered the byproduct of the fermented media was consumable, rich in nutrients, and tasted amazing! Quentin always wanted to use science to make the world a better place, and this accidental discovery seemed like the perfect way to make a difference.

This lead Quentin to work on using the latest developments in biomedical sciences and molecular gastronomy to produce cutting edge food and beverage products that not only produced a benefit to the consumer, but also were distinctly different from any other product on the market!

Spirochete eventually continued to grow into an industry leader in innovation. We may change our product lists and alter our techniques to better reflect recent scientific discoveries, however our central goal remains true from day one. To change the world, and make people reimagine what is possible with food and beverage products!


Quentin Altemose


Tawnya Amdor

Director of Marketing

Barrett Hazeltine

Scientific and Business Advisor