Spirochete Brewing

The Future of Food, Scientifically Made Better

Spirochete Brewing is the future of food and food technology. We specialize in producing never before seen products that are backed by the latest of scientific and technological innovations. Our products are designed to be unique in flavor and experience, have optimized health benefits, and use only the finest ingredients that you can feel good about. All our products are backed by the latest in scientific innovation, so you can be sure what you are putting into your body is doing exactly what you expect.

Founded by Quentin Altemose in the height of the 2020 COVID pandemic, Spirochete Brewing started out as a side project from a graduate school research project that grew to become the industry leader in consumable scientific innovations and technologies. We do not simply want to be the best food/beverage manufacturer on the planet. We want to change what people expect from food, and what is possible for consumable products in the marketplace!

Producing Healthier Products

Our team of medical professionals works tirelessly to improve the quality of our products to make them healthier and more functional. From developing the world’s first “post-biotic” beverage products, to fine-tuning the nutrient composition of our products to create well-balanced products, we are always innovating to make sure you are getting the healthiest products possible from Spirochete!

Using only the Finest Ingredients

At Spirochete, we search far and wide for the best ingredients on the market. And if we cannot find them, we make them ourselves! The best food products only use the best ingredients, and in that effort, we will always source the freshest, finest, and most sociologically conscious ingredients on the planet!

Developing New Techniques and Technologies

Spirochete was founded on the principal of using science and innovation to better the world around us. And in that effort, we use the latest technologies (some of which we invented ourselves) to make the world’s finest products. Like any industry, innovation and disruption is the future, and we are the leaders taking the industry into the next age.


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