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Our scientists and innovators are always busy at work producing new and exciting products for our customers to enjoy! From technology to foods to beverages to medical supplements, we are working on it all! Check back here regularly to see what is new!

Latest News

Nutritional Probiotic Supplement

Our founder, Quentin Altemose, has always been interested in medicine and medical devices. As such, it is only natural for us to pursue pharmaceutical supplements based on our technologies. Our postbiotic products were just the tip of the iceberg.

We are working on developing postbiotic supplements that will be available in both capsule and powder form for use in rebottled beverages. These supplements will feature a carefully selected composition of bacteria, yeast, and microorganism subunits that are chosen specifically to stimulate the immune system and promote healthy digestion and gastrointestinal pathways! And best of all, there is no risk of spoilage or off-target effects, meaning even those at highest risk or those who are immunocompromised can consume these supplements. You can read more about the health benefits and the science behind it on our science page.

We are very excited about these products. Be sure to keep up to date with our work by checking our site regularly and signing up for our newsletter updates! We are bringing the future to you, one day at a time!

Secret Distillation Project

For our beautiful patrons who prefer a slightly stronger adult beverage, prepare for excitement! Our best and brightest have been developing new techniques to produce a line of distilled spirits, as well as some new beverages of a slightly higher alcohol content! 

We are experimenting with new distillation techniques, new flavor, and even new ways to bottle and enjoy spirits.

We still have more work to do before this one will be ready for you. Continued experimentation and legal/regulatory stuff (boring, we know) will be needed, and a proper name! But once it is ready, we will update you right here!

Alcohol Collaborations

On a similar vein of thought, we are working with distillers local to the Philadelphia PA area (near our central site) to produce a series of products using the talents of our team, and theirs! With this, we hope to expand into various collaborative efforts with other companies! After all, we cannot change the world by ourselves!

Pulsar – Energy Drink

Hey, no judgements here. We have left assignments and projects to the night before too. And when you need a little jolt to keep you going, look no further than pulsar!

In development, pulsar is a new energy drink that attempts to bridge that gap between effectiveness, and not pumping your body with hazardous chemicals and additives.

Our team of scientists are hard at work testing ingredients for efficacy, and refining the nutrient composition to ensure you are only getting the finest ingredients that are better for you than anything else on the market!

Lite Products – Sugar Free

We know many people are attempting to mitigate the amount of sugar they consume. Additionally, our diabetic friends cannot enjoy our products fully due to the presence of sugar. As such, we are working to produce a line of diet products that contain little to no sugar, so that from the sugar intolerant to the sugar conscious, everyone can enjoy our products!

Most of our flavor testing is done already, so now it is just a matter of finding the right sweetener substitute. Furthermore, we are working on refining the manufacturing process to limit the amount of residual sugar left behind in fermented products. Keep checking in to make sure you are up to date on our progress!


Exciting New Food Products

Our initial product lineup is focused on our beverage products. That said however, there is much more that Spirochete has to offer, including food products. We are still working on the protocols, however we hope to have some new announcements for food products in the near future!



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