• We are excited to announce our two latest concoctions: Komfruitcha Blueberry Boson and Black Hole Blackberry
  • These incredible new flavors offer our customers a completely new taste experience, while retaining the same great immunological and nutritional benefits that Komfruitcha is associated with
  • We now are serving in the Kiki Vodka and bottle bar in the Philadelphia Premium Outlets! Stop by for a single, and take a four-pack to go!


New Komfruitcha Flavors, and A New Location: Black Hole Blackberry and Blueberry Boson

Quentin Altemose – CEO/Founder
December 22, 2021

We are never done at Spirochete! We are always reading the latest peer-reviewed scientific data to ensure that we are producing the best possible products, both from a health/nutritional standpoint, and from a flavor experience standpoint. Now, just a few weeks after the launch of our Komfruitcha Atomic Apricot, we are thrilled to announce our two new flavors: Blueberry Boson and Black Hole Blackberry!

Komfruitcha: Blueberry Boson

Blueberry Boson is unique from our other offerings in that it is slightly dryer than the rest of our flavors to date. That being said, there is still an underlying sweetness that draws out the flavor from the real blueberries that are packed into each can. With a pleasant bubble, tinge of sour from our unique fermentation, and a rich flavor profile, Blueberry boson lives up to its moniker (that is, it has real blueberries and it has mass). On the can, we invite our customers to experience and learn about bosons, a classification of elementary particle which helps make up atoms. Blueberry boson is truly a unique experience, both in taste and in presentation, and surly will not want to be missed.

Komfruitcha: Black Hole Blackberry

In contrast, Black Hole Blackberry Komfruitcha offers a sweet and sour profile that is competently unique from anything else on the market. The natural acids derived from our secret fermentation process compliments the natural acids found in the real blackberries we put into every can to create a slightly sour taste. Then, we balance the naturally occurring fructose with other real, non-artificial sugars to create a perfectly balanced epicurean delight. Whether enjoyed around a fire, or in the middle of a hot summer day, you will find Black Hole Blackberry to be refreshing and enjoyable!

Get Your Komfruitcha Today at the Kiki Vodka Store

There are many reasons to enjoy Komfruitcha! And now you can enjoy Komfruitcha in even more locations! We are now officially selling individual cans as well as four-packs in the Philadelphia Premium Outlets at the Kiki Vodka and Bottle Store. We would like to thank Kiki for their support, as well as our amazing customers for theirs as well! We hope that everyone enjoys our products, and furthermore, we are looking forward to continuing our expansion so that everyone around the nation can enjoy Komfruitcha in their local stores and restaurants!



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